The Films

films_moopmamaMoop Mama – Die Erfindung des Rades

5 min / 2016 / music video / dir. Yann Berrai / Germany

This music video is a crazy ride full of bikes, flames, hot dancing chicks and a subtle space-time loop. What do you want more?!

The world`s first bicyclefilms_worldsfirst

5 min / 2016 / animation / dir. Conrad Molleson / Scotland

This is a short animation about Kirkpatrick Macmillan the creator of the world’s first bicycle and his eventful journey in 1842 via a Gorbals jail to the outskirts of Glasgow.


4 min / 2016 / Performance / dir. Joe Cobden / Canada

With a playful choreography the film tells the story of a man reliving the memories of a failed relationship over and over, stuck in a circle of doubt and grief.

Yes I rode herefilms_yesirodehere

10 min / 2015 / Documentary / dir. Rachel Brown / USA

Six women layer up for winter cycling in New York City and explain why biking in inclement weather is worth the burden and risk.


6 min / 2015 / animation / dir. Sander Joon / Estonia

After running out of cigarettes, a bicyclist decides to take part in a race. The prize is a free pack.

Mianzi Rei – My Legs My Gearsfilms_mianzirei

8 min / 2015 / Documentary / dir. Peter Scholl / Germany

Portrait about iconic urban cyclist Mianzi Rei.

Le Vélo de l’éléphantfilms_elephant

9 min / 2014 / animation / dir. Olesya Shchukina / Russia/France

An elephant works as a street cleaner in a little town. One day, he sees a large billboard advertising a beautiful bicycle. >From that moment on, the elephant’s life changes…

Mama Agathafilms_mamaagatha

16 min / 2015 / Documentary / dir. Fadi Hindash / The Netherlands

Once a week, a group of migrant women in Amsterdam learn how to ride a bicycle. Inspiring them to let go of the fear and get behind the wheels is a Ghanaian community mother named Mama Agatha. As her students open up, Mama Agatha comes to terms with the painful memory of her own motherless childhood.

If you want your mother backfilms_motherback

10 min / 2011 / Short Fiction / dir. Xavier Douin / France

Oh lord won’t you buy me a bicycle! As neither his parents nor the priest fulfill his wish Antonio changes plans …

GrannyMan starts againfilms_grannymanjpg

3 min / 2015 / animation / dir. Alvaro León Rodriguez / Spain

A bike accident occurs in the middle of congested traffic and smog. Good that you’re made of wool and can patch yourself up.