200x2_miniframe_blackBIKE SHORTS ON TOUR

The inventor Karl Friedrich Christian Ludwig Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn (!) created the “Laufmaschine” (“running machine”) in his hometown of Mannheim in 1817. The volcanic eruption in Indonesia two years earlier led to a great famine throughout Europe and took the lives of thousands – including of course, the most effective means of transport at the time – horses. This inspired Drais to come up with the “moving” idea which ultimately kicked-off 200 years of velorution.

200x2_miniframe_blueCelebrating 200 years of cycling

From its historic beginnings to the present day, the bicycle has prevailed as an icon that symbolises freedom, emancipation and both individual and collective mobility. So, in order to duly mark this momentous anniversary, interfilm Berlin is currently searching for the best recently-produced short films relating to the topic of cycling as a catalyst for change.

Around 15-20 films will be selected from all entries to be included in the “Bike Shorts on Tour” film programme that is set to tour through cinemas, bicycle shows, events and screenings starting in March 2017.


If you run a cinema, organise film or bicycle events and want to screen the programme:

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